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Cronkite Tour

by Mei Prang and Will Argeros Journalism schools that provide hands-on experience will prepare students for a career in the broadcast industry.  Technology continues to advance in the industry, and it is essential for students to learn how to use the tools used at professional news organizations. The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass … Continue reading

Life After Cronkite

by Mei Prang After going to school for so many years, finally being out in the “real world” can be a drastic change. Students are used to their routine of going to classes and working at their internship, but once they receive their college degree, what comes next? The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and … Continue reading

Phoenix News Stations

by Mei Prang and Laura Sposato Phoenix is a large market and there are several news stations in the city. The 12 News and Fox 10 News studios are two examples. The Cronkite School’s proximity to different news studios in Phoenix gives students the opportunity to get internships and to report stories that professional news … Continue reading

Top Journalism Schools

by Mei Prang If you want to be a broadcast journalist, it’s important to go to a school that allows you to get as much experience as possible. Having a degree is helpful, but taking advantage of the opportunities that your school offers is going to set you apart in this competitive industry. It’s difficult … Continue reading

How Students Cover the Election

by Darby Fitzgerald and Mei Prang NewsWatch students are covering the election from all aspects. Assistant Dean Mark Lodato says reporters will be at the Democratic and Republican headquarters covering stories, in Tucson with Senate candidate Rich Carmona and in the community touching base with different groups involved in the election process. NewsWatch is producing two-and-a-half … Continue reading

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