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Tips for Finding a Job After College

by Darby Fitzgerald With more students enrolling in journalism programs every day and more jobs in the industry being cut, the competition for college grads is fiercer than ever.  Recent grads are not only competing with other recent grads, but also with industry professionals who are out of work.  It’s important that while you’re in … Continue reading


by Darby Fitzgerald Freelancing offers journalists freedom and flexibility. It provides opportunities for broadcast journalists and print journalists. As a freelancer you can set your own hours, eliminate the commute, work for a variety of employers and operate on your own terms. Freelancers can be reporters, videographers, editors or graphic designers.  They are either independent … Continue reading

How Students Cover the Election

by Darby Fitzgerald and Mei Prang NewsWatch students are covering the election from all aspects. Assistant Dean Mark Lodato says reporters will be at the Democratic and Republican headquarters covering stories, in Tucson with Senate candidate Rich Carmona and in the community touching base with different groups involved in the election process. NewsWatch is producing two-and-a-half … Continue reading

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