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Mei Prang

Top Journalism Schools

by Mei Prang

If you want to be a broadcast journalist, it’s important to go to a school that allows you to get as much experience as possible.

Having a degree is helpful, but taking advantage of the opportunities that your school offers is going to set you apart in this competitive industry.

It’s difficult to find a comprehensive ranking of journalism schools online. There are several out there, but they vary the schools listed and which order they are in.

Here are some of the highest rated journalism schools in the nation. They are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Arizona State University

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Students who meet certain requirements may apply for an accelerated bachelor’s and master’s degree program. Broadcast students can participate in Cronkite NewsWatch, a newscast produced by students.

2. Columbia University

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Columbia does not offer a program for undergraduates, but their graduate school is the only journalism school in the Ivy League.

3. Northwestern University

Medill School of Journalism

Medill allows students to gain real-world experience, and they can participate in the Accelerated Master’s Program, in which they can complete their degrees in less than five years.

4. Syracuse University

S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

Like many of the journalism schools on this list, the Newhouse School has a competitive admissions process. The school offers many opportunities for students to get involved and gain experience.

5. University of Missouri

School of Journalism

The Missouri School of Journalism’s website says this was the world’s first school of journalism, and they offer more than 30 undergraduate interest areas.

6. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

The school offers a variety of specializations, and has special programs such as business journalism and Latino journalism.

People may have different opinions on what the best journalism schools in the country are, but these are some of the most well known. There are quite a few other schools that can be added to this list.

College Magazine has a list of the top ten journalism schools with a description on each one.  College Media Matters also offers quite a list, and this is another based on a TVWeek and NewsPro survey. As you can see, each list varies, but most of them agree that these journalism schools are some of the best. Before you apply, you should research each one to find what best fits your academic needs.


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