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Darby Fitzgerald


by Darby Fitzgerald

Freelancing offers journalists freedom and flexibility. It provides opportunities for broadcast journalists and print journalists. As a freelancer you can set your own hours, eliminate the commute, work for a variety of employers and operate on your own terms.

Freelancers can be reporters, videographers, editors or graphic designers.  They are either independent freelancers or contracted freelancers.

Some people are full-time freelancers and others are only part-time. Many pick up freelance projects on the side in addition to a full-time job.

Mashable posted an article about how to get a freelance job. Two points that stood out were networking and branding.

Networking is key for a freelancer.  It’s all about who you know. Freelancers can get a lot of jobs from referrals.

Branding is also important.  It’s important that freelancers have a website set up to showcase their work. How will people know what kind of work you are capable of if you don’t show them? Potential employers want evidence that you can deliver what they’re looking for.  Having a website will also let people find and contact you easier.

There are also a number of websites dedicated to helping broadcast journalists find freelance work.

MyPrice is an iOS app that gives freelancers an estimate on much they should charge for their work based on the freelancer’s experience, location and amount of work.  It’s a useful tool especially if you’re
new to freelancing and don’t know what the rates are like.


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